Millie Bobby Brown’s V-Day Shout-Out To Jacob Sartorius Is Melting Hearts

It’s a grand day when someone that YOU love finds love for themselves, so excuse me for a minute while I bask in the cuteness overload that is Millie Bobby Brown’s new found relationship with singer & teen heartthrob Jacob Sartorius.

The pair has been rumoured together since last month after continuously showing up in each other’s social media feeds and generally behaving like a couple of lovestruck teenagers.

But a super duper cute photo that Millie posted for Valentine’s Day looks like they’re ready to make it social media official, a big step in any relationship.

I for one, I’m not a big fan of how Jacob is looking lustfully at sweet pure innocent Millie. If I was her father you’d bet your bottom dollar I’d tell him to pull his head in a bit and keep his hands where I can see them.

Jacob, like any good boyfriend, retweeted the image and added his own caption, reckoning that he’s going to see the Stranger Things star soon.

Honestly, I’m here for it. Millie has a good head on her shoulders and this is pretty much the equivalent of dating Justin Bieber when he was in his hair flicking prime.

You go girl.