Jacob Sartorius Gave Millie Bobby Brown A Huge Birthday Shout-Out On Insta

Jacob Sartorius and Millie Bobby Brown are in the midst of an extremely sweet first love/romance.  Except unlike our awkward and (for most of us) extremely ill-thought-out first loves, theirs is playing out right in front of millions of folks globally.

To be fair, they showcase their teen romance on their social channels pretty regularly. Like this adorable Instagram from Jacob, celebrating Millie’s 14th bday.


God, that photo is bringing back memories of spending arvos taking 193749 selfies with my first boyfriend, except on one of those instant cameras everyone got for their birthday and subsequently broke by dropping it in a Slurpee. No, just me?

Can we discuss how the LOVE WORD (!!!!) is being thrown around here, by the way? Things are getting bloody SERIOUS.

Anyway, the two have been dating a while now, but have really ramped up the social documentation of their relationship of late. Here’s Millie’s V Day shout-out.


It’s all extremely cute and young-love and bringing up weird feels for my first crushes. Patrick if you’re reading this I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO YEAR 6 FORMAL WITH YOU.