Millie Bobby Brown Is All Of Us, Loses It Over Kim Kardashian’s Perfume Gift

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian, she’s one of the biggest celebrities out there right now – and has been for decades.

Naturally, this means relative newcomer Millie Bobby Brown has probably been aware of her, well, her entire life. While Millie herself is now a bonafide star (to some, even more so than Kim) that doesn’t mean she is immune to being starstruck. Which she absolutely was when Kim sent her samples of her new ‘Bae’ perfume range.

You know what’s the cutest about this? Millie is legit a huge star and I would imagine is sent stuff all the time. But she’s still so bloody excited about it. What a gem.

Kim responded on Twitter.

It’s not the first time the two have interacted. Millie’s made it abundantly clear she froths KUWTK, and tweeted this last month:

To which Kim responded with:

All we can hope for is a guest starring spot on KUWTK from Millie, amirite? Seems plausible.