The Internet Has Gone Wild Over Owen Wilson Giving Kmart Bob Ross In The New Poster For Paint

Owen Wilson AS Not Bob Ross In Paint

The first official poster for Owen Wilson’s Paint dropped on Tuesday and the internet has gone batshit crazy over this mystical masterpiece.

Now before we argue on who should’ve played Bob Ross in a reimagining of his life it is worth noting that Paint is not about our favourite TV artist despite Owen’s strikingly similar looks.

To give you a lil’ bit of context the film follows a fictional character named Carl Nargle (Owen Wilson) who has hosted the number one painting show in Vermont for the last 27 years but his stardom is challenged once a younger artist Ambrosia Long (Ciara Renée) steps into the limelight, according to ICF Films.

From the iconic Ross hairdo to the textures and scenery, the movie poster almost looks like a Bob Ross piece on its own just with Owen’s face plastered all over it.

I, for one, really enjoyed this unique poster but of course some people are not loving it.

Despite the movie not being about Bob Ross, some people had a bone to pick with the idea of Owen playing the beloved artist.

One user said that Owen “looks like Owen Wilson no matter what role he plays.”Another user mentioned that Owen looked like he dressed up as Bob Ross for Halloween.

But of course there are fans supporting the movie and this iconic poster. AGAIN, IT’S NOT BOB ROSS.

A couple of weeks ago, Paint dropped its official teaser trailer and it definitely makes it clear that Carl Nargle is nothing more than a parody of Bob Ross.

IFC Films reports that Paint will be releasing in theatres on April 7, however Australian specific dates have not been announced.

Owen better say “wow” when he paints, or I’m rioting.