Heaps Of Victorians With Very Free Afternoons Met To “Wow” Like Owen Wilson

Until yesterday, the single most important “wow!” of all time referred to a bizarre radio signal received from the outer space. The 72-second transmission was so unique, clear, strong, and baffling that the astronomer lucky enough to register it actually wrote “wow!” on the data print out. The origin of the signal remains unknown, but to this day, many claim it to be the strongest proof yet of life outside our solar system.

It was a big deal, but dozens of Owen Wilson fans quacking out their best “wow” impression at Melbourne’s Federation Square is a bigger deal.

After a surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, such is the nature of the internet) popular Facebook campaign to gather Wilson fans, meme-lovers gathered under a literal Wilson banner to ape their nasal hero. After a brief speech from the Facebook page’s creator, they absolutely let rip.





Sure, the numbers didn’t quite live up to the campaign’s lofty expectations. Over 5,000 people told Facebook they would attend the event, and a further 18,000 registered their interest. But the cacophonous “wows” on offer yesterday afternoon may just have been strong enough to notify other civilisations of sentient life on Earth.