Leah Unloaded Her Sob Story On ‘The Bachelor’ But Viewers Ain’t Buying It

There were three main take-aways from this season’s third instalment of The Bachelor.

First, Matty J’s inaugural kiss with Laura. It was very long, and staring at anyone macking on is inherently weird, but on the grand scale of awkward Bachie kisses, it was mercifully pleasant.

Second, it’s not really chill to visit a medieval fair as an excuse to terrorise teeny tiny piglets.


Third, this season has well and truly identified its villain, and it’s none other than Leah. The 24-year-old was already on the radar following her dismal attempt at a pash (a solid seven on the awkward kiss scale), but last night’s emotional manipulation secured her spot as Big Bad #1.

In short, she told the audience it’d be perfectly grouse of her to fake vulnerability in order to get closer to Matty J, before launching into a spiel about how she’s struggling with the ~feels~ that she’s ~absorbed~ from everyone around her. An emotional sponge, essentially.

We invite you to reacquaint yourself with the scene.

It’s debatable as to whether Matty J bought it, but Leah and the producers made damn sure the audience didn’t. Thanks to her blatant attempt to mine sympathy from the fella, Leah has been officially adopted as this series’ most cooked operator. And it’s only episode bloody three.



The perfectly fine Akoulina was booted from the show in order to keep Leah around, so you can expect to see the latter cause more of a ruckus in the weeks to come.