Aaarrrgghh. Here it is, the first moment of true eye-clawing, couch-shredding cringe that this year’s ‘The Bachelor‘ has gifted us with. Prepare yourself for the iciest of ice-cold brush-offs. 

The scene: a group date in the form of a bunch of retro photo shoots. The players: Matty J, the hunky dork who’s stolen Australia‘s hearts, and Leah, an architecture student with a serious case of line-step-itis. 

The cringe: she tried to mack on him in front of everyone and he nearly fell off his Danny Zuko motorbike trying to remain un-macked. 

Watch it and try not to let your soul leave your body on a heady updraft of second-hand mortification. JUST TRY.

Oh my god, Leah. 

We Dare You To Watch This Ice Cold ‘Bachie’ Brush-Off & Not Die Of Cringe

It’s going to take a full team of search and rescue experts to retrieve her from the chasm of embarrassment that I assume opened beneath her feet as soon as she walked out of shot. 

Good lord, THIS SHOW.

Image: The Bachelor.