‘Bachelor’ Evictee Leah Went To Town On Matty J In A Post-Mansion Interview

Well, we knew Leah Costa – the latest lady to be booted from The Bachelor mansion and this year’s key villain – wasn’t about to do the whole PC, playing it safe type of post-eviction interview, didn’t we.

The party planner – and, as was covered in an incredibly slut-shamey way on the show, ex-topless waitress – went surprisingly minimal on the interview front today, but she did end up on everyone’s most hated radio show, Kyle and Jackie O. As much as it pains me to cover anything from that audio cesspit, here we are, friends.

Leah, in keeping with how she describes herself, went full no-bullshit with her take on the entire experience.

“Honestly, I think I was in love with Matty before I went in, and then I was incredibly disappointed,” she told the hosts this morning. “Everybody’s cut and edited a certain way, and Australia’s cut and edited to fall in love with Matty.”


I know what you’re thinking. “Wait, reality TV isn’t REAL!? Shocking!” said in a very sarcastic voice while you scroll through this on the train munching some chips. But think back to other eviction interviews – the women tend to do that whole “ohhhh, he’s sooooo wonderful, I had an amazing experience, I feel ready for love now, he’s soooo sweet, I was so in love, blah blah” thing.

But here’s Leah acknowledging that she went in with this fabricated idea of what this guy was like, and truth is the producers of this show are damn good editors who’re giving the Australian public what they want – a knight in shining armour.

“I don’t know if it’s even him, I think the situation’s unreal. How are you meant to find love in the situation? I think the girls that do are a bit desperate; it’s a bit sad,”  she continued.

She also made the solid fucking point that hey – literally no one just drops casual comments about their past careers when they’ve spoken to someone for all of five minutes. Like what did Australia want from this woman? For her to just corner Matty at one of the cocktail parties and let him know that at one point in her life, she was a topless waitress?

“I was hiding nothing, he just never asked me. I felt a little bit degraded – at no point did they make it about my current life,” she said of the drama.

Kyle and Jackie also spoke to all-round-legend-human and Bachie host Osher Gunsberg about the episode, and he came out guns blazing in support of Leah.

When you look at those photos, remember there were 13 men in the room paying for it. There’s a transaction going on, and it’s useless to shame someone for doing something like that. Our first two Bachelors were topless waiters — Tim Robards and Blake Garvey. I’m proud of it!

Sure, she said and did some pretty awful things to the other women in the mansion. There’s no excuse for being a dick. But that doesn’t make slut-shaming her okay, so I for one am pretty glad the conversation around last night’s episode has been in defence of Leah on that front, for the most part.