Eden & Leah Say The Letter Drama On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Was Producer-Made BS

Hands down, the most dramatic and fucked-up moment of Bachelor In Paradise has been ~The Letter~.

For anyone who has NFI what I’m talking about, ~The Letter~ was a hand-written “love note” planted in Elora‘s room, which was allegedly from American Jared, a guy who Elora at the time was kinda keen on.

The way we saw it, Eden admitted to writing the note, Elora cried from humilation, and we all collectively threw our dinner at the screen and cursed Demon Eden to hell.

Now, however, Eden and Leah – who both voluntarily left Paradise during last night’s episode – have gone on record saying that, in fact, the entire setup for ~The Letter~ was in fact, complete and utter bullshit.

We chatted to the pair today, and when we asked Eden about the letter, he got QUITE awkward.

“I plead the fifth” he said – at which point Leah jumped in with some extreme spice. Some spicy enchilada, if you will.

“I’m going to take this one for him. Eden believes a lot in integrity, and he will own his part. But I will tell you he definitely did not write it alone. If you look really closely, it’s quite a female, girly handwriting. And that’s all I’m going to give you.”


We asked her if she could elaborate.

“It may have been a trio written letter. It was never meant to be nasty. I was not involved in writing this, I’ll just go on record. But it was something that was involved in “prank week”.

Are you wondering what prank week was? SAME.

“So we had prank week, and there was fake dog poop thrown at people, and like… it was just a series of everybody copping some kind of prank. And it just turned out that hers was poor timing.”

Eden jumped in here to give his take.

“I take responsibility for my part in it, and I’m sorry that I hurt Elora. It was just really bad timing too, and it was the wrong person to do that to. So I’m sorry for that. But at the time it just seemed like a harmless prank, which sort of backfired. And I’ve suffered a lot for it.”

Excuse the fuck me, but the way we saw ~The Letter~ play out did NOT make it look like part of an entire week of zesty pranks. Aaaaand it very much looked like Eden alone wrote the thing. Which apparently – even the CONTESTANTS didn’t think.

“Other people owned up to it, it just never made it to screen,” Leah explained.


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