‘Bachie’ Star Eden Reckons His Dickhead Persona Was 100% Down To Producer Edits

He’s already revealed that his part in the letter scandal with Elora (where he allegedly penned a fake love letter from American Jared) was actually smaller than the show let on, and now Eden Schwencke – one of the most hated Bachelor In Paradise contestants after he booted Nina and then got pissy at Elora for not liking him – reckons his entire bad-boy vibe was edited into the show.

We had a chat with the dude, who finished up on Paradise during last night’s show, after Elora told him she just wanted to be mates. And his take? Everything was not how it seemed.

That was an editing trick, I feel. Elora’s the type of person that you have to ease up into, you know, and I’m the type of person that goes from 0-7 straight away. Like I like food fights, I like laughing, I like that kind of stuff. So after the date crashed and burned as you saw, I knew there wasn’t going to be any romantic connection. And I was kind of leaning towards leaving anyway. So when I watched last night’s episode, it was really interesting that they portrayed me as this lovesick, holding onto hope person. I was like “ah, we already talked about this!”

Leah was present during our chat with Eden, and chimed in with this lil’ take.

The truth is, Eden wanted to leave 2 days before that. And we were all aware of it. He wanted to give a rose to Elora and then leave. But they basically said to him “if you do that your rose is cancelled out and she goes home too”.

Basically – if these guys are legit, then Eden wanted to go home anyway, but gave Elora her most recent rose to ensure she could remain in Paradise to find her own love. Hmmmmm…


He continued on to say that that convo, where Elora essentially rejected his love, was not how it seemed.

The conversation also was me talking about how I wanted her to find love. That’s what friends do, right? They want the best for you. So that was the reason I gave her that rose, it wasn’t anything but to give her an opportunity because I was already one foot out the door at that moment in time, so. I just wanted her to have the best chance at finding her paradise.

Furthermore, he reckons the drama with NINA wasn’t how it seemed, either. If you missed it, Eden didn’t give Nina a rose after a very suss convo with her where it seemed he was rejecting her on the basis that she didn’t want to hook up with him while on Paradise.

That was definitely an editing trick. Basically I [didn’t give Nina a rose] because I didn’t feel like she was putting in an effort. It didn’t have to be kissing, it didn’t have to be anything spectacular. it just had to be something. I felt like I was putting in a lot of work and I wasn’t receiving it back. I felt like I hit a wall with her, and I had to make a decision for myself. And that is what unfolded.

To be fair, she WAS flirting up a storm with Demon Daniel. Hmmm. HMMM HMMM HMMMM.

Eden says he doesn’t speak to Nina anymore, btw.

I wish the best for her, I still have feelings for her as a friend and I wish her the best. I don’t think we are on speaking terms.

Look, there’s two sides to every story and while editing can make things look shittier than they were, you can’t edit words INTO people’s mouths, right?