‘Bachie’ Stars Simone & Elora Spilled On How Their Friendship Went To Shit

Of all the drama to come out of Bachelor In Paradise, surely the Elora/Simone tension was the pinnacle.

Yeah, yeah – there’s Leah wanting to leave! Eden wrote that mean note! But when it came down to pure, unadulterated, un-produced BULLSHIT, Elora and Simone’s jealousy issues and competitiveness has really been peak island chaos, no?

We chatted to both stars now that they’ve existed Paradise about their broken friendship – from it’s humble beginnings at the infamous Maxim party, to the Courtney hook up biz, to whether they’ll ever be mates again.

Strap in for some extreme spice my pals.

Firstly, Simone finally told us what exactly happened with fellow Bachie alum Courtney (from Georgia Love‘s season).

So I think I need to make it clear that me and Elora weren’t friends before we went in, we hadn’t been friends for 6/7 months, like we hadn’t spoken. It started with the Courtney situation. I went down to Sydney to go to the Maxim party with Elora, and neither of us knew of Courtney before, like we didn’t know him and both met him on the night. Me and him clicked, and it caused a bit of issues.

She reckons they didn’t actually HOOK UP in terms of proper sexy times.

It wasn’t a couch it was a bed! She lives in a studio and she’s got two beds. So it was a bed, and he obviously stayed over and stuff and we kissed, but nothing like that went down. And she was asleep anyway, so I don’t know how… It was just really blown out of proportion.


She also didn’t love that it was brought up on the show.

It’s not fair on Courtney, him getting brought up. So I was trying to avoid the question because I didn’t want him being dragged into it, it shouldn’t have even made TV to be quite honest, it wasn’t fair. It was my personal life, it shouldn’t have mattered – we were both single, and it doesn’t matter what we did. 

Elora’s take is that it wasn’t about Courtney at all, and in fact was simply that the pair hung out together and just didn’t gel.

We connected in Sydney outside of the house and then we had a fallout after a very long weekend together, and we just didn’t match as friends. The problem was not about any man at all. The problem is that Simone was at my house and she was… me turning on the TV made her really upset and she called me a selfish cow, because she was tired. So her and I were just not in good terms, it had nothing to do with a man, I’m not sure what happened with him anyway, but it had nothing to do with that. This is the wrong rumour that she was spreading [on the island].

Wowsers. She also reckons things were tense from the get-go in Paradise.

The environment was so tense when we were there together. We spent one night in a room together on the first night and didn’t speak. I wanted everything to be good, I wanted to have a good time and I didn’t want my experience to be about Simone again.

She then said she was trying to fix stuff, but it was SIMONE spreading rumours that ruined stuff.

We tried to fix it, I broke the ice a few times and I think what really made everything worse was that I was trying to keep our dirty laundry outside of Paradise, but she did go around and start spreading the wrong rumours about me. And once I saw that she didn’t have my best interests at heart, thats when I realised I couldn’t trust her and things became way more difficult.

I know, I know – it all sounds incredibly high school and bullshit right? But like – why are you watching this show if not for the stupid drama my friends. That’s what we live for. That’s why we are here.

Simone has no interest in being mates with Elora again, btw.

“No, that’s gone. I have no interest [in patching things up] at all,” she said of their friendship. Elora echoed a similar sentiment.

As for Simone and Apollo’s break up? Elora was pretty quiet about whether they had a legit connection, but did drop this spicy take.

“I think had it have been a real [connection] they would have wanted to spend more time in Paradise.”

IDK about you but I feel MIGHTY uncomfortable having read all of that, hoo boy.