‘Bachie’ Dreamboats Apollo & Simone Told Us Why Their Relationship Imploded

Welp, there goes another one. After Apollo Jackson and Simone Ormesher tearfully left Bachelor In Paradise to see if they could make it in the real world last night, it seems, erm, they could NOT.

The pair spoke to PEDESTRIAN.TV this morning about their romance, both saying in very kind terms that it was donezo dead done gone bye.

“We tried our best, but unfortunately it didn’t work out romantically for us,” Apollo said of their relationship, citing distance as the reason for the split. “[Living in different cities] probably the biggest factor. Simone being in Melbourne, and I’m bouncing between Gold Coast and Sydney, I’m very rarely in Melbourne, so it was really hard to line our schedules up.”

Simone had a similar take, although she did point out she felt they didn’t get time together.

So obviously we left together, and then I came back to Melbourne and he went back to the Gold Coast. I decided to go to the Gold Coast for a month to see how it went with us. I was there for a while, we hung out a bit but he’s just travelling a lot for work, and he’s so busy with his career. There just wasn’t really much time for me, and obviously we live in separate states. So it just wasn’t right.


She also said they never officially split up, it just fizzled out.

We never really ended it, we’ve always continued speaking. We’re just friends I think now. I think with the distance and stuff like that it just phased out.

In terms of whether Apollo’s concern about them being too different was a factor, Simone reckons their good times were pretty edited out.

I think with the edit it was made out like [the issue was being different], and while we are quite different but opposites usually do attract. And we’ve got the same sense of humour, both quite childish. So it did work, it wasn’t that we didn’t get along it was literally the fact that there was no time, and the distance.  They showed a lot more drama, like they didn’t show us being cute together or laughing together, it was all about me and Apollo and Elora, so no one got to see it, really.

RIP your love, Apollo/Simone. Nice to see you don’t seem to have any bad blood going on.