It’s Rly Looking Like ‘Bachie’ Star Leah Is Engaged To Jesse From ‘MAFS’

Guys, what the fuck is with all the Aussie reality TV stars essentially operating in a strictly reality star world, where they only date each other.

The latest maybe-couple creating reality-ception? Bachelor In Paradise star Leah Costa and Married At First Sight star Jesse Konstantinoff.

ICYMI, Jesse was on season 4 of MAFS. Leah just finished up on Bachelor In Paradise, but was also on The Bachelor during the Matty J season.

The two have been linked by Jesse’s ex co-star Nick Furphy, who posted THIS spicy enchilada of an Instagram post today.

A few things here. One – Leah doesn’t have a ring on in these pics (not that that means anything but for the purpose of this deep investigative reporting, it must be noted). Two – Nick has put up this Instagram story about an article connecting the pair:

This doesn’t confirm their relationship OR confirm an engagement. It also… doesn’t deny them.

Leah’s absolutely got a new love, but she herself has stayed quiet as to who it is. But on The Project last night, she was wearing a fuck-off HUGE diamond ring on her ring finger, and when questioned about it was very evasive. The ring’s appeared on her Insta Stories too. Soooo…

She ALSO said this about her new love.

“The public will know him, yeah.”

As a very reputable investigative journalist, my conclusion is that while we have no official confirmation and Nick Furphy’s post could have just been a joke, lining up Leah’s comments really makes it seem like Jesse’s the new man in her life, at the very least.

God I can’t believe how invested I am in these people. JFC.