Racist Gremlin Katie Hopkins Just Had Her Visa Revoked & Will Be On The Next Plane Outta Here

Katie Hopkins

British far-right troll Katie Hopkins has had her Aussie visa revoked overnight after she boasted about flouting quarantine rules (and basic human decency) on Instagram. Good fucken riddance.

In her rant about Australia’s relatively effective hotel quarantine program, Hopkins called the pandemic the “greatest hoax in human history” and bragged about opening her hotel room door to staff (she’s supposed to wait 30 seconds for them to walk away) fully naked, without even a mask.

“The fact that she was out there boasting about breaching quarantine was just appalling. It was a slap in the face for all those Australians who are currently in lockdown, and it’s just unacceptable behaviour so personally I’m very pleased she’ll be leaving,” Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews told ABC News Breakfast on Monday morning.

“We will be getting her out of the country as soon as we can possibly arrange that, so I’m hopeful that will happen imminently.”

The fact that Hopkins managed to enter Australia in the first place when at least 35,000 Aussies remain stranded overseas has been pretty infuriating for many.

Andrews told the ABC that Hopkins was let in because a certain state government lobbied the federal government to grant her a visa based on her supposed “potential benefit to the economy”. Recent seasons of Big Brother on Channel 7 were filmed in Sydney, just sayin’.

The news comes a day after Channel 7 dropped this absolute gremlin from the upcoming season of Big Brother VIP. That’ll likely leave Caitlyn Jenner as the Worst Person™ inside the Big Brother house.

“Seven and Endemol Shine strongly condemn her irresponsible and reckless comments in hotel quarantine,” the producers said in a statement on Sunday.

But the fact that this vile excuse for a celebrity was even cast in the first place is pretty bloody damning. One can only imagine the kinds of racist, transphobic or otherwise derogatory comments she’d likely make towards some of the other housemates.

Oh, nevermind. It turns out she already placed second in season 15 of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK back in 2015.

Anyway, Hopkins is one of the most awful public commentators of our time, and her obsession with spreading hate speech towards Muslims, migrants, poor people, trans people, feminists, fat people and pretty much everyone that isn’t her was enough to get her banned from Twitter, which is a notoriously tricky feat.

Hopefully this means she’s now banned from Australia, too