I have a low threshold for second-hand embarrassment. Even minor personal fuck-ups ricochet inside my head for years after the fact, so watching others be humiliated, or bring humiliation upon themselves, elicits no small amount of sympathy. Watching shows like Nathan For You is a physiological challenge. YouTube Cringe compilations are entirely out of the question.

Keep this in mind when I say I felt a twang of discomfort for noted racist Katie Hopkins, who recently fell victim to an utterly ruthless stitch-up by YouTube prankster Josh Pieters.

In a new video, Pieters explains he fabricated a fake free speech organisation to bait Hopkins into accepting the Campaign to Unite the Nation Trophy (the C.U.N.T.). It was a mercilessly successful endeavour.

Watching the clip, I had several troubling thoughts. Could internet cruelty really be the great leveller? Could my inability to endure cringey content really put me on the same emotional wavelength as one of the UK’s most deliberately provocative media dipshits? In this specific instance, could my boundless ability to feel shame allow me to… back Hopkins?

The answer is no. Get wrecked, Katie.

You can watch the clip below, which puts her embarrassment in the broader context of her being a truly miserable drain on society. May all edgelord fucks be so lucky as to earn the C.U.N.T.:

Image: Josh Pieters / YouTube