The Aus Border Force Are Investigating Katie Hopkins After That Fkd Hotel Quarantine IG Rant

katie hopkins australian border force investigation

The Australian Border Force is conducting an “urgent review” into literal demon Katie Hopkins after she claimed she was deliberately trying to breach hotel quarantine in Sydney.

Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews said that she has asked the Australian Border Force to do an “urgent review” into Katie Hopkins’ behaviour following a troubling Instagram live rant the conservative shock-jock made on Friday night.

“It is despicable that anyone would behave in such a way that puts our health officials and community at risk,” she said via The New Daily.

“I have directed Australian Border Force to immediately consider the facts of this matter and urgently review whether this individual is complying with the requirements of her visa.”

Speaking on Insiders this morning, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce added: “I’m the one who wanted to send home Johnny Depp’s dogs so I have no problem sending home someone who wants to flout our laws.

“If you want to do that, pack your bongo and get out.”

Earlier this week, Hopkins, who is in the country reportedly to film Big Brother VIP (of all people to cast…), claimed in an absolutely cooked and conspiracy theory-ridden Instagram live that she was deliberately trying to breach Australia’s hotel quarantine.

These claims included allegedly opening the door to hotel quarantine staff *naked* and without wearing a face mask. She also claimed that “COVID-19 was the biggest hoax in human history” because of course, she did.

A petition to get the shock jock banned from Australia has been signed by over 21,000 people. When we reported on her rant last night, it had just 8,000 signatures.

If the Australian Border Force does find that she is breaching hotel quarantine, they may, under the Biosecurity Act 2015, deport her and ban her from the country.

It’s worth noting here that if they don’t have concrete evidence and the Department of Home Affairs still deports Katie Hopkins on the basis of her character, it legitimises a shady process. What that would do is potentially allow the government to do the same to others. Well, you know, to someone who didn’t once allegedly compare migrants to cockroaches and claim that dementia patients were taking up space in hospitals. Literally, what the fuck.