UK conservative and trash can with legs, Katie Hopkins, went on a rant about Sydney’s hotel quarantine as she is rumoured to be isolating for Celebrity Big Brother Australia.

The shock jock conservative labelled the lockdown “bullshit” in an Instagram live and said she has been deliberately trying to defy hotel quarantine rules and for some reason is defying them by opening the door to hotel quarantine staff *checks notes* naked.

She won’t reveal why she’s in Australia to her followers, but has still managed to have a go at our lockdown restrictions: calling the pandemic the “greatest hoax in human history.” Really, what about Sant…actually never mind.

Since Hopkins’ arrival in Australia, many people have made it known that she is unwanted here and over 8,000 Aussies have even signed a petition to get her banned from this country.

“By her own admission, British far-right commentator Katie Hopkins – banned from Twitter for hateful conduct and known for spreading COVID misinformation –  has been flouting Australian hotel quarantine rules after being brought to Australia by Channel 7 for a season of Celebrity Big Brother,” the petition reads.

“By her actions, she is encouraging others to do the same, calling lockdown a “hoax”. Since the pandemic started, the majority of Australians have done what has been asked of them so we can live a COVID-free life.

“If Katie Hopkins is so reluctant to follow the rules to keep our country safe, she shouldn’t be here. Big Brother & Channel 7: you must send her home.”

Honestly, I don’t know who TF is casting celebs for Big Brother VIP but I think they seriously want to watch the world burn: Jessika Power (?), Caitlyn Jenner (??) and now Katie Hopkins (???). The last time I saw that many problematic white women in one place, I was holidaying in Noosa.

But now the decision to change the name from Celebrity Big Brother to Big Brother VIP makes way more sense to me. How can you call these people celebrities?

Ugh, I truly hate it here.

Image: Getty Images / Ian Forsyth