A Racehorse Owner Wasn’t Allowed To Name His Horse Joe Exotic ‘Cos He’s Not “A Nice Person”

A racehorse owner said he wasn’t allowed to rename his horse Joe Exotic because he’s not “a nice person”, proving just how embedded Netflix’s docuseries Tiger King is into our collective consciousness.

Albury trainer Mitchell Beer picked the new name for his four-year old Kiwi racehorse Bobby Dazzler at just the right time to ride the wave of Joe Exotic mania.

When Racing Australia refused to approve the name, the trainer instead tried Exotic Joe, which wasn’t approved either.

“Must be big Carole Baskin fans at Racing Australia,” he tweeted.

Whether or not Joe Exotic is a nice person is something that’s being passionately debated by fans.

Without divulging too many spoilers, his treatment of animals, love life and business practices have all come under heavy scrutiny since the series a runaway success.

But this ordeal is nevertheless a testament to the fact the show and its cast of batshit big cat enthusiasts have penetrated every corner of Australian society. For Racing Australia to say that Joe Exotic isn’t “a nice person” means SOMEONE from the organisation must’ve watched the show.

It’s bold of Racing Australia to draw a line at Joe Exotic when the racing industry’s own practices of abuse and slaughter are routinely slammed by animal rights advocates. But to be fair, they may have instead taken issue with some other aspect Joe Exotic’s frankly bonkers lifestyle.

For what it’s worth, a racehorse named Joe Exotic would probably have the automatic blessing of the man himself.

A new episode of Tiger King is set to drop next week.