Tiger King’s Rick Kirkham Is 100% Not On Board With “Evil” Joe Exotic Being Pardoned

Producer Rick Kirkham has made it very, very clear that he’s not in support of Joe Exotic receiving a presidential pardon, stating that Exotic would “get his revenge” if he were granted clemency.

“The very fact that Trump would even possibly consider pardoning someone as evil as Joe, is beyond my belief,” Kirkham told The Sun.

“Anyone who would support Joe being let go and out of jail has no idea that this was a man who will hold the revenge. He will get revenge and he’s not going to come out a better man or a whole person. This is a guy that holds a grudge and he will get his revenge.”

Back in April, Trump promised to ‘take a look’ into Joe Exotic‘s potential pardoning during a press conference, after being quizzed about Exotic’s current 22-year sentence for animal abuse and the planning of Carole Baskin‘s murder.

Kirkham, who lived on Greater Wynnewood Zoo to film his own reality show while producing Exotic’s web series, remains adamant that Exotic would be a danger to those responsible for putting him behind bars. “I think it’s absolutely ludicrous to think that somebody would pardon him considering all the evil that most of us now know he did and that I know personally from having witnessed he did it.”

Speaking of Greater Wynnewood Zoo, it now belongs to Carole Baskin. She also made headlines recently after a US County sherif deemed the will of Baskin‘s missing second husband “100% a forgery”.

It feels like Tiger King was released 89 years ago, but, when it comes to unfolding drama, the show seems to be the gift that keeps on bloody giving.