Some Fans Are Convinced Harry Styles & Olivia Wilde Are Engaged So Watermelon Sugar Bye

harry styles engaged

If you clicked on this article through a haze of tears, I have some good news: Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde haven’t ~officially~ confirmed they’re engaged. So take solace in that while we dive into the evidence against them, shall we? Be warned: things are looking suspicious.

Engagement rumours about Hollywood’s most envied couple have been around since the two started dating in early 2021, but now cult gossip account Deuxmoi’s recent Instagram stories have sent fans into a tizzy again.

Deuxmoi posted three blind items asserting that they’re pretty sure Harry and Olivia are engaged, according to a source they reckon is reputable. Just an FYI, no one fact-checks the claims this account gets so they very well could be made up.

Deuxmoi reckon there is “a high probability” that the two are engaged, and that they’ve “been saying for literal months that [Harry and Olivia] are serious”.

A Deuxmoi instagram story claiming harry styles is engaged to olivia wilde
Source: Instagram @deuxmoi

The account then shared a DM from “someone [they] trust” confirming that they too had heard of the engagement.

Naturally, fans are spiralling.

Others have responded with (not unfounded) denial.

Here’s what I have to say about that: Deuxmoi could absolutely be wrong. Buuuut, the account does get a lot of tea right, and Harry being super “serious” about Olivia has been a thing for a while. There’s been no big dramas to report between the two as far as we know and they’ve been spotted together at heaps of events including birthdays and Coachella.

“This looked like quite a showbizzy thing at first, two glamorous people hooking up but now it’s obviously a lot more than that,” a source told The Sun.

“They held back a bit at first but now that things are more settled the time was right to do the next thing….It’s really exciting for them – and for Harry it’s the most serious he has ever really been about somebody.”

I mean, some also think Harry literally referenced Olivia in his recent song “As It Was”. The star mentions “two kids” and of course, she has two children. (Though others reckon that was a reference to him and his sister).

Are these engagement rumours purely based on Instagram gossip? Yes. Do I kind of buy it anyway? Also yes.

Harry would secretly get engaged, and we know he’s obsessed with Olivia. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see for a confirmation though.