Cringe Into Infinity At This Vid Of Harry Styles Refusing To Get A Photo W/ Olivia Wilde

It sounds like you could’ve cut the tension in the air at the Don’t Worry Darling world premiere with a spoon. Not a knife, a SPOON. A blunt-ass spoon. And although it sucks that we weren’t there to feel the turmoil ourselves, this spicy video of Harry Styles refusing to take a pic with his supposed girlfriend Olivia Wilde is the next best thing.

Yesterday a sneaky source told Deuxmoi that “Harry and Florence did not interact ONCE” at the premiere and apparently he flat-out refused to snap pics with her on the red carpet.

They even claimed there was a video of Harry denying a photog’s request to get a pic of the pair.

“There’s a video of the photographer trying to grab Harry’s hand and move him to stand by Olivia in the group photo, however he did not make any move to accomodate and stood still,” the spy told Deuxmoi.

Welp, the footage is now doing the rounds on Twitter and it’s icy as hell.

In the footage, a PR person asked Harry to stand next to Olivia for a photo opp and he would not budge.

Have a watch below:

Throughout the evening, the Don’t Worry Darling cast members were strategically arranged to ensure Harry, Olivia and Florence Pugh were not sat next to one another.

If that’s not proof of abject drama behind-the-scenes, I don’t know what is!

Apparently Harry and Olivia are on the outs in the midst of all the chaos.

An insider told Deuxmoi that following all the scandal, both Florence and Harry have refused to partake in interview opps and appearances to promote the film, aside from the film fest.

Another spy who was at the festival noted the “awkwardness” among the cast, especially Harry Styles, Florence Pugh and director Olivia Wilde.

“Everybody arrived on their own,” they said.

“Harry and Florence spent a majority of the time signing fan autographs. One group shot of the cast, one group shot of the girls, minus Olivia. Harry and Florence did not interact ONCE. Olivia and Florence did not interact ONCE. Harry and Olivia did not interact ONCE.”

The spy added, “Chris Pine and Nick Kroll were taking photos of Florence upon her arrival. Olivia went inside fairly quickly. Overall, exactly what we expect: awkwardness.”

Florence was quoted as saying on the red carpet: “I think it’s very inspiring when a woman says ‘no’, when she fights back. On and off camera.”

You go, Flo!