Four People Have Been Rushed To Hospital After A Car With P-Plates Crashed Into A Cafe

A shocking accidental car crash into a cafe in Bankstown NSW has resulted in four people who were eating at the venue being rushed to hospital.

The frightful crash occurred at 11:30am at the Coffee Emporium in South West Sydney, where red Honda Accord with P-plates slammed into the cafe’s exterior sheltered dining area.

The store’s CCTV managed to capture the moment when the rogue vehicle collided with the cafe, knocking chairs and tables across the room, and hitting four unfortunate customers.

The four people injured include a 56-year-old man, a woman aged 53, and two more women in their 20’s, who were rushed to Bankstown and Liverpool hospitals.

Emergency services who arrived at the scene were able to confirm that all four people impacted were in a stable condition, but did not confirm what minor injuries had been sustained.

The driver of the vehicle was a 45-year-old woman, who did not receive any physical injuries from the crash. It is not yet known if the P-plates were for the driver or not.

According to 9News, the workers at the cafe spent the afternoon cleaning up the venue after the shocking crash that morning, and resumed operating the cafe with the exterior dining area closed-off.

NSW Police are currently investigating the circumstances of the crash.