A Sydney Windsurfer Got Body-Slammed By A Whale And Imagine Having To Make That Sickie Call

Sydney windsurfer Jason Breen has shared that he feels lucky to be alive, after he got body-slammed by a humpback whale on Wednesday morning. Looks like after centuries of being hunted and having their ocean homes invaded by humans, the whale uprising has begun.

The 55-year-old windsurfer was minding his own business on the water off Mona Vale beach, just north of Sydney, when suddenly he found himself in the “one in a million” situation of having a juvenile humpback whale surface from the water, right on top of him.

Thankfully for Breen’s extraordinary story he had his GoPro on him to capture the bonkers collision, and the footage is the definition of “you need to see it to believe it.”

What a hit! The whale, even though only a calf according to Breen, whallops him “like a car on top of you!”

The experience could have gone dark, as after the hit the mass of the whale dragged Breen underwater, pulling him down for “20 to 30 seconds”.

Thankfully, he was able to pull himself up to the surface relatively unharmed, to exclaim to his GoPro “Shit, I just got hit by a whale.”

In a radio interview on Nova with Fitzy, Wippa, and Kate, the (un)lucky windsurfer detailed how the experience felt, and how it shook him in the moment.

“I haven’t slept at all, not at all last night,” Breen admitted. “I just kept dreaming about this while and how it could have gone a different way… I was really lucky.”

According to Breen, he could tell that the whale that struck him was a calf due to it’s smooth, barnacle-free skin.

“Most mother whales have barnacles, [and] if it had barnacles I just wouldn’t be here… I’d be ripped apart.”

Breen stated that if it weren’t for him having caught the entire thing on camera, not even his friends believed him.

And honestly, who can blame them? The sheer chance of windsurfing in the exact position that a 10-tonne baby humpback decides to surface is so unbelievably unlikely.

But as Breen pointed out, he was equally lucky to have lived.

“Just a freaky, you know, one in a million incident that happened and luckily I survived to be able to tell it.”

Which does beg the question, what if someone had this happen and was not fortunate enough to survive it?

How would we ever know what happened to them, because who would ever even pitch the theory that they were crash tackled by a whale and taken underwater?

Which means from this day forth on, anytime anyone ever asks what happened to Harold Holt, we know what conspiracy to propose.