The Unsung Hero Of The Nadia Bartel Drama Is The $1.50 Kmart Plate She Snorted White Powder Off

Nadia Bartel

In yet more bizarre Nadia Bartel news: the Daily Mail have published an unintentionally hilarious headline which suggests the influencer snorted white powder from a “$1.50 Kmart plate” in the now infamous viral vid.

The video shows influencer and former wife of AFL star Jimmy Bartel snorting white powder off what the DM is calling a Kmart plate, (that apparently just landed in stores according to the Kmart website).

How the publication got this information is anyone’s guess? Well… actually the writer probably had the plate at home. But either way, people on Twitter are losing it over the headline and rightly so.

I mean, it is a good plate for white powder I’m not going to lie. The flatter the better TBH.

White powder gate is probably the biggest thing on the internet right now, which goes to show how bored people are in lockdown at the moment.

In fact, one reporter even asked Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews what he thought about the incident at today’s press conference.

She didn’t refer to Nadia Bartel by name but mentioned how a high-profile person appeared to be breaking lockdown restrictions. In the video, Bartel appeared with three other people (two without masks) and therefore in breach of stay-at-home orders.

“I’m not sure which video you’re referring to,” Andrews responded.

“I would urge everybody to do their very best to follow the rules, all of the time. I know it’s tough, I know it’s difficult.

“Beyond that, I don’t tend to comment on footage that I haven’t seen.”

This comes after the state recorded a whopping 208 new local cases and one death today. Of those 96 are linked to a known case, while 112 are under investigation.

Victoria have also recently abandoned their goal of reaching “COVID zero” and will instead focus on keeping numbers as low as possible until enough people are vaccinated.

The good news is that is due to happen at the end of October/start of November. So we just need people like Nadia to hold off from snorting white powder for a hot second, and then she can snort as much of it as she likes in two months (privately OFC).