Melb Influencer Nadia Bartel Appears To Snort A Line Of White Powder In Accidental IG Story

nadia bartel instagram story video

A spicy video of Nadia Bartel appearing to snort a line of white powder off a plate has gone public, in what appears to be a case of an accidental Instagram upload.

In the video, Bartel – a fashion designer and the former wife of AFL star Jimmy Bartel – leans over a plate with several lines of the powder on it before snorting one through a rolled-up bank note. Per the Daily Mail, the video was posted to Instagram on Thursday night by her friend and Spray Aus fake tan business co-owner, Ellie Pearson.

The video was quickly removed from her Instagram story, but screenshots – which have Pearson’s account handle in them – have since been circulating on social media and Australian media outlets.

nadia bartel instagram story
The video has since been deleted from Instagram. [Image: Instagram]
The Instagram story shows Nadia with three other people – two of whom are seen without masks – in an unspecified indoor location. One of the women is seen holding the plate with several lines of powder cut on it.

As there is no timestamp or evidence of when the short video was filmed, it’s not clear whether this is also a breach of the Victoria’s current stay-at-home orders, or if it was filmed prior to the state’s extended lockdown.

The Instagram story has since been deleted, and neither Nadia nor Ellie have made further public statements about the video in question, but Ellie’s account has been made private.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Victoria Police and Nadia Bartel for a statement on the matter.