Nadia Bartel To Face Court For Allegedly Driving With A Licence She Didn’t Know Was Suspended

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Disgraced influencer Nadia Bartel is set to front court in March for allegedly driving with a suspended license, which could result in four months in jail and a hefty fine.

Daily Mail Australia reports that Bartel has been charged with allegedly driving with a suspended license and failing to update her address.

Police allegedly stopped Bartel at about 12.30pm on August 25, 2021 while she was travelling along Dandenong Road in the Melbourne suburb of Windsor.

She is set to appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on March 24 and could face up to four months jail or a fine of up to $4,500.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Bartel insisted that she was “not aware” that her license was suspended.

“In August I was pulled over by the police who advised me that I was driving on a suspended licence,” she told the publication.

“The suspension was due to exceeding my demerit point balance.

“I was not aware of the suspension as communication had been sent to my previous residential address which I didn’t receive.

“I would never have driven had I been aware of the suspension and my residential details have now been updated,” she said.

The alleged incident occurred just one week before the infamous incident where she was filmed snorting a white powder from a Kmart plate during an illegal lockdown party.