A Sinkhole With An Ancient Forest At The Bottom Was Found In China & Rappel Me Down, Boys

Scientists in Southern China found a big fuck-off sinkhole full of ancient trees and now my friendship with Atlantis is over, ancient sinkhole forest is my best friend now.

The sinkhole was first reported by Xinhua News. It was found in Leye County in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and is a mildly terrifying 192 metres deep. The county now has 30 confirmed sinkholes so I’m officially sold on it as my next holiday destination.

Sink me down, boys!

According to the outlet, the bottom of the sinkhole contained a “well-preserved primitive forest”. This is truly tickling all my interest areas.

Surely there’s some fun little dinosaurs down there too? I really need there to be dinosaurs.

You cannot convince me that down the bottom of one of those sinkholes there isn’t an adorable family of tiny dinosaurs and maybe a fun insect or two.

The leader of the Guangxi 702 cave expedition team Chen Lixin told Xinhua news the ancient trees in the sinkhole were around 40 metres high. There were also shoulder height plants.

God, I bet the air tasted so good and oxygenated down there.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to know that there are species found in these caves that have never been reported or described by science until now,” Lixin said.

See! Dinosaurs, or at least dinosaur-adjacent plants. I’m calling it now.

A sinkhole in Luoquanyan Village, Xuan’en County in China’s Hubei Province.
Source: Xinhua News Agency

The world’s deepest sinkhole is also in China — it’s called the Xiaozhai Tiankeng sinkhole and it’s 6400 metres deep. It’s also called the Heavenly Pit, which is a simply excellent name.

It is pretty fkn otherworldly that things like a six kilometre deep sinkhole just… exist. And us silly little humans get to earn about and explore them!

Truly, the earth is incredible. Shoutout to ancient, fully preserved forests. I say it’s time we do a Journey To The Centre Of The Earth 2: 2 Sink 2 Hole and send Josh Hutcherson and Brendan Fraser down there.