Carole Baskin Was Tricked Into Giving Convicted Pedophile Rolf Harris A Shoutout On Cameo

Another day, another Cameo prank. This time an Aussie comedian has pranked Tiger King’s Carole Baskin into giving a shoutout to none other than disgraced children’s entertainer/pedophile Rolf Harris.

Tom Armstrong, who just recently pranked a 7th Heaven star into giving serial killer Ivan Milat a shoutout, said on TikTok his goal was “to get another American celebrity to shoutout Australia’s most notorious sexual predator.”

His plan worked.

“Hi Rolf Harris, all your kids wanted to get together and tell you that you have really touched them and that they love all that you have done for them,” Baskin said.

@tomoarmstrongIf this doesn’t break the internet I give up ???? ##carolebaskin ##tigerking ##comedy ##cameo ##funny♬ original sound – tomoarmstrong

“I hear there’s a lot of great stories about you and your best friend, Jimmy Savile. Can’t wait to hear those,” she added.

Savile is another children’s TV personality, who after his death in 2011 was accused of more than 300 counts of child sexual abuse.

A Cameo from Baskin costs US$199 (AU$285). That’s a steep price to pay for a few seconds of footage.

It’s not the first time Baskin’s been the target of pranks on social media, either. Earlier this year, two YouTubers convinced her to give a Zoom interview pretending she was on the Tonight Show.

On the Cameo front, too, it’s similar to the time Flava Flav was tricked in to giving Cardinal George Pell a shoutout.

At this point, the choice of two notorious pedophiles seems a to be going a bit too far, and it also seems a bit unfair to constantly be dunking on Carole Baskin.

“Of course, I have never heard of Rolf Harris, and would not have done the Cameo had I known,” Baskin told the Mirror in an email.

“The signature line in my email reads, ‘I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made – Franklin D. Roosevelt’, and I think that tells you all you need to know about the kind of people who abuse me in their efforts to make others hate me.”

However if past accusations (and actions) against her are anything to go by, this cool cat is probably still unfazed and $200 richer.

Help is available.

If you’d like to speak to someone about trauma from child sexual abuse, please call the Blue Knot helpline on 1300 657 380.