Carole Baskin Wants You To Stop Asking Her To Speak About The Missing 1st Husband On Cameo, Thanks

Hey all you inquisitive cool cats and kittens. Yeah, you. Stop asking Carole Baskin to confess to the whereabouts of her missing first husband on Cameo. Although that whole septic tank theory is flamin’ hot, and we’re all messy bitches who live for the drama, Ms Big Cat Rescue is having precisely none of it.

Baskin joined the shout-out app over the weekend, reportedly reeling in a whopping $20k USD in one damn day. Her bio is, to put it simply, iconic: “You know me as Tiger King Joe Exotic’s intended murder victim but my real life’s work has been at Big Cat Rescue for a world where all wild cats live free.”

However, the Netflix star has since revealed to TMZ that there are a whole bunch of Cameo requests that she refuses to accept.

“I decline their requests to say things that would make fun of my husband’s disappearance,” she told the publication, “because that was such a tragic time in my life, and in that of those who loved him.”

Just last month, a country sheriff revealed that experts had checked out the will of Don Lewis, who disappeared back in 1997, and concluded that it was “100% a forgery”.

Part of me adores the fact the Carole Baskin is on Cameo – you can’t help but admire her endeavours to get that paper, after all – but part of me of would also forfeit a month of my salary (and a thumb) to have Baskin address the forged will developments. Because I am, once again, a mess bitch who lives for the drama.