A Car Thief In The Gold Coast Was Bamboozled By A Naked Man’s Slip, Slop, Slapping Schlong

car thief naked man gold coast

A teenage car thief in the Gold Coast was absolutely bamboozled by the slip, slop, slapping schlong of the naked owner of the car they tried to steal from. Talk about a cheeky surprise.

Last Thursday night, David Rutherford was naked in bed when he just heard his car engine turn on and the sound of it reversing outside. With no time to spare, he climbed out of bed without putting on pants and checked out the noise, catching the thief inside his car.

He told Sunrise that he then stepped in front of the car while the thief tried to drive forward. But, by the power of his sheer masculine testosterone (and the fact that he’s trained in Jiu-Jitsu), Rutherford got the teen out and put him in a ~rear naked chokehold~. That’s literally the name of the move, I swear.

In the pics below, Rutherford could be seen pressed right into the thief’s behind while his arm is around their neck. Side note: if this teen didn’t just try to steal his car seconds prior, this scene would be very fkd.

At one point, the thief even seemingly tries to play off that he owns the car?

“That’s mine,” he said, showing the thief his driver’s license.

“No it’s not,” the thief replied, which is rather ballsy given the swinging gonads that stood before him.

Rutherford then, much like his cheeks, clapped back: “That’s my fucking name.”

Eventually, the naked victim led the thief inside to figure out what to do next.

“I think he learned his lesson, I doubt he’ll be back here again,” he told reporters via Channel Seven.

“I felt bad, I ended up letting him go. Plus, I wanted to go back to sleep.”

Look, using what your mama gave you to stop someone stealing your shit isn’t the weirdest thing we’ve seen. Last year, a pizza owner used a cheesy slice to fend off a machete-wielding thief, while another in Melbourne simply rugby tackled a knife-wielding man after scoffing down a Bahn-mi and coffee.