Cheers This Tradie, Who Tackled A Knife-Wielding Thief After He “Deleted A Banh Mi & A Coffee”

A young tradie has been lauded as the nation’s latest hero after tackling a knife-wielding thief to the ground in Collingwood this morning.

22-year-old Sam Dale was polishing off a feed in his car on Smith St when the incident took place.

“I’d just deleted a banh mi and a coffee,” he told 9 News, “and I came out of my car, and that’s when I heard the scream.”

A 36-year-old man, holding two large kitchen knives, had attempted to snatch some cash from a woman who’d been withdrawing money from a nearby ATM.

“I figured if he had a knife, well, he’s a threat to the public,” Sam explains, “so something had to be done.”

Footage shows Dale restraining the bandit, before dragging him to the side of the road and doing a good ol’ sit on his back before cops arrived.

“Copped a few firm handshakes, so I’ll take that.”

The perpetrator has been charged with loitering, stealing $330 worth of groceries from Woolies and attempted armed robbery.

As for the Sam, he left the interview with some wise words for future wrong-doers: “Don’t pull knives on people or you’ll get dropped.”

Not all heroes wear capes – some just delete banh mis and coffees.