Shop Owner Valiantly Uses Pizza As A Weapon To Fight Off Machete-Wielding Thief

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear aprons and use pizza as a means to scare off machete-wielding bandits.

Such is the case for the owner of Stargate Pizza over in US, who went to great lengths in order to ward off a thief earlier this month… even if it meant sacrificing a whole mozzarella-laden pizza.

On July 10, at approximately 10.30PM, Delaware police were contacted about an attempted robbery at the store.

“Troopers met with the store owner,” the Delaware police report states, “who advised that while he was closing the business, he was approached outside by a subject who proceeded to display a machete and demand money.”

What happened next is equal parts inspiring and iconic… According to the police’s statement, the shop owner told that thief that he didn’t have any money, before valiantly piffing a pizza at him, subsequently causing the guy to bolt away from the scene.

I’m too not sure why this particular move made the thief run, given that he was holding a machete and all, but I guess that’s the power of a good pizza.

The owner has since been praised by many – AKA me – for his quick-thinking and the tenacity of his pizza toss (I’m imagining him to have thrown it like a delicious discus into the baddie’s noggin).

No one was harmed during the incident… apart from the lovely pizza (which I probably still would’ve eaten – not gonna lie.)