Your Dad might be more powerful than some Dads. Your Dad might even be more powerful than most Dads. But there’s not a chance in hell – not a chance in hell – that your Dad is as powerful as this Canadian Dad.

Saskatchewan resident Dave Assman – we repeat: his name is Dave Assman – has resolved a biff with his local vehicle regulatory officials in frankly spectacular fashion.

See, Assman (again, Assman) is as inordinately proud of his surname as you’d imagine a man with that name would be. So much so that he wanted to officially emblazon it on his car’s license plate. Y’know, like old mate from that one show.

Except it’s his actual name. Assman. That’s his name.

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, the Saskatchewan Government Insurance board denied his request for an ASSMAN license plate, deeming his name (which he insists is pronounced OSS-man but come on m8) too “offensive” to be used on a custom license plate.

He appealed, and the SGI denied it, but ole’ Assman was already one step ahead of them.

Rather than wallow in misery about it, Big Dave went out and made the license plate himself, 10 times the size, and had it printed on the back of his dang truck anyway.

The sheer power of it. The absolute thunderous Dad areas there. Dave Assman is straight-up playing chess while the SGI plays checkers.

He’s even gone and recreated not only the Saskatchewan state license plate slogans, but the dang screw holes as well. Chess. He’s playing chess out here.

Asked why he created such a large decal of the license plate that never was, old mate had probably the most perfect response imaginable.

See, I hate to say it but I’m kinda a sarcastic ass and well I just wanted to go big!

The most powerful Ass of all.

Hit his dang theme music.

Source: National Post