Australia Has Been Named The Most Instagrammable Country In The World

Australia Has Been Named The Most Instagrammable Country In The World

It’s official, Australia is the most #instaworthy #travelgram of 2019, and we’ll gladly claim our bragging rights, thank you very much. Big7 Travel took a survey of their readers, combined it with votes from a panel of judges, and spat out the world’s top 50 most Instagrammable countries for 2019, so you can have your trip and ‘Gram it too.

Big7 went as far as top 50, but let’s take a quick squiz at the top 10 shall we?

1. Australia

Yup, in case I haven’t said it enough yet just like a proud mum, this little country of our Down Unda took out top spot, and it’s easy to see why. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we have lush green rainforest, we have red sandy desert, we have unique bushland and let’s not even begin on the Quokka selfies.

2. Hong Kong

I’ve been to Hong Kong, but only for a hot minute years ago, so I was among the huge group of people who haven’t realised that it’s 70% made up of mountains and lush green parks. Yet, it’s truly famous for its skyline and food scene. Let me tell you, there are some amazing vibrant colours here to brighten up your Instagram.

3. Canada

After living/by the Canadian Rockies for two years, all I can say is I’m shocked it wasn’t number two. You’ll want to be a hiker for the best shots though, which explains the Candian lust for the great outdoors, but it’s worth it for the mountains and big arse trees around the country. Having said that, the cities aren’t half bad either. Vancouver has beaches AND mountains and I just couldn’t get over it, personally. Then, of course, there’s REAL Autumn which is a total game changer.

4. Indonesia

We’ve seen someone with a Bali snap, Aussies are obsessed with it and with Indonesia in general. But when you consider the beaches, volcanoes, and wildlife from Komodo dragons and jungles sheltering elephant to orangutans and tigers, you can hardly blame us.

5. South Africa

South Africa will always hold a special place in my heart as my first solo adventure. It’s also truly magical to be on safari and have your guide pointing out the animals using their Lion King names. I kid you not, his name was Lucky and he works at Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe and he completely indulged me. I didn’t even ask, apparently I just look like a Disney kinda gal.

Sure, other countries in Africa have better safari’s – though I have to tell you this one was mind-blowing – but South Africa also has beautiful cities, like Cape Town, and a jaw-dropping coastline, particularly along the Garden Route.

6. Maldives

Just a little tropical paradise for you Instas, no big deal. Getting and staying there is no small amount of money, so you’d want to get some influencer worthy shots out of it. And you will, with pure white sand, stunning blue water, and some seriously luxe accommodations.

7. India

Think about it, you have the Himalayan peaks to the Indian Ocean coastline and everything inbetween. That’s a lot of different terrains to photograph. Plus truly iconic shots like the Taj Mahal, the must take spice market shot and the truly unique bustling cities. It’s hectic, but gosh it’s worth it.

8. U.S.A

So yeah their politics leave a bit to be desired, but you shouldn’t punish the truly stunning natural beauty for it. Looking at you Grand Canyon and like, all the national parks there. Literally every single one. There’s nothing more American than a desert shot to me, but of course, they also have the coastline and Hollywood and all the fabulousness of New York. Plus all those funky museums that make fab Insta shots.

9. Dubai

Dubai doesn’t even try to hide the fact they’re going for glamour. The skyline is pretty impressive, what with the 830m-tal Burj Khalifa tower. Then you’ve got that crazy big shopping centre of their and all those traditional souks for fomo inducing colourful photos.

10. Singapore

It might just be a small island city-state off of Malaysia, but it packs some BIG Insta-worthy punch. The city is modern with a lot of furistic architecture going on, so it’s no surprise it’s a very popular hot spot in Asia.

Well, that’s top 10, you can check out the full top 50 featuring the likes of Spain, Morrocco, and Brazil over at Big 7. Does this mean that you must book your next trip to one of these places? Absolutely not. Is it influencing your decision a little? Don’t even try to pretend it’s not.