Melbs Freeway Shut After Truck Spills Its (Animal) Guts & Makes Offal Mess

Bring out ya clothes pegs Melbourne, because a truck carrying offal has spilled its guts all over your precious West Gate Freeway.
Two inbound lanes in Port Melbourne were closed following the spill around 2pm today, and while traffic is currently moving through one lane delays are expected to continue well into the evening.

The mess itself, currently covered in kitty litter and being shovelled away up by Citylink workers, is also about six lanes wide and presumably stinks like shit. 
While the incident is located closer to the Burnley Tunnel, delays spread well past the immediate area as far back as the Bolte Bridge and Dynon Rd. According to a CityLink spokesman, the cause of the spill is currently unknown:
“We don’t have any information yet on how it happened. Our primary concern is cleaning it up.

“Hopefully it will be cleaned up in time for the afternoon peak.”
Adding to the mess, another driver reportedly became distracted by the spill and crashed their car nearby. The crash was cleaned up within 10 minutes, and, luckily, no one seems to have been injured in either incident.
Which is good, because people are rolling in the goddamn dad jokes.

Oh my god we get it offal sounds like awful. 

Source: Herald Sun.
Photo: 3AW.