Camila Cabello Breaks Her Post-Breakup Silence With An Emotional IG Post & Your Move, Shawn

Camila and Shaun

After announcing last week that she and now ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes had split, Camila Cabello has uploaded a sentimental post on her Insta to her nearly 60 million followers.

Since the breakup, Cabello’s Insta posts have been accompanied by either single word captions or super vague mini sentences and good lord woman, WE NEED MORE.

She’s blessed us with her latest upload however, which coincides with the American Thanksgiving holiday and features a lengthy paragraph on what the singer is thankful for.

The four-second vid depicts the star amidst a sea of extremely cute puppies.

She begins the video caption “i have a lot to be thankful for, but I’m especially grateful that I gotta whole squad trying to hang w me while I meditate”.

Um, someone pls tell me what I gotta do to get a furry meditation squad like that ASAP.

“I’m very thankful for all of you on here who send me love, listen to my music, and support me on this creative/ life journey! even though I haven’t met a lot of you, you guys show me love, kindness, and support and I’m sending it to all of you right back!”

Brb, dying a little bit and then coming back to life because I remembered puppies exist.

Cabello concludes her rather gushing caption with: “After all, we’re all alive at the same time in this crazy, confusing, magical world and I do believe we’re all interconnected and are never truly alone. Grateful for my human family and friends and my plant and animal family and friends ❤️ Sending you guys so much love and gratitude today ❤️”.

We at PEDESTRIAN.TV are making the executive decision to read heavily into this deeply “grateful” post as somehow breakup related.