These Aussie States Are Copping A Cold Front This Week So Block Those A-Holes In Europe ASAP

More cold weather is set to pummel the southern states this week and as a Melbourne girly I don’t know how much more of this I can take.

Wind, rain and even snow are set to batter anyone residing in the southern states of Australia this week and into the weekend.

Victorian Alpine towns, Mount Buller and Mount Hotham are predicted to drop to negative three degrees on Monday, while Perisher Valley in NSW is expected to fall to negative four on Monday and Tuesday.

Adelaide and Melbourne are also unlikely to get a break from the bitterly cold weather we’ve been having lately and that’s just perfect.

After a severe frost warning was issued across parts of South Australia and Victoria this morning, a second cold front will bring showers to Melbourne throughout the day on Sunday, July 23 and into the rest of the week.

South westerly winds will also be responsible for these increasingly cold temperatures.

In an unexpected silver lining the weather is likely to clear in Melbourne throughout the week. Temperatures will sit around the much more reasonable 15-degree mark in Melbourne before we get another shitty weekend of heavy rain.

Things aren’t looking any warmer over in South Australia either with Adelaide recording its coldest morning of the year on Sunday morning, dropping to just 2.9 degrees, following a minimum of 3.1 degrees on Saturday morning.

But it was the regional towns that copped the worst of the cold weather this weekend, with the South Australian town of Renmark getting to negative two degrees, and the Victorian town of Bendigo reaching just negative one.

Adelaide is looking at a weather forecast similar to Melbourne, with clear skies and slightly warmer weather later this week and then a shitload of rain right in time for everyone’s weekend — which sucks if you work a Monday to Friday AKA me and just about everyone else in Australia.

Brisvegas and Northern NSW can also expect some wet weather soon with some forecasts predicting 30-50mm of rain due to fall in central and South East Queensland early this week.

Safe to say anyone who I see living it up on some beach in the south of France is getting blocked until this bitterly cold and wet weather passes.