Robert Irwin Made A Guest Appearance As Sunrise Weatherman & Spoke About A Tortoise Instead

robert irwin sunrise

Sunrise‘s weatherman took a day of leave and for some reason was replaced by Robert Irwin and Sam the Tortoise. However, the whole thing has made me realise that we need more Robert Irwin on our television screens.

Every now and then when Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac is out sick, Robert Irwin will show up — not to tell the weather or anything — but to talk about endangered wildlife and remind us how much of a gem he is. He may be a nepo baby, but he’s the only nepo baby I would go to war for.

Joining hosts Monique Wright and Matt Shirvington, Irwin (and his elongated tortoise Sam) made a cheeky jab at Mac, joking about potentially replacing him. Honestly, I wouldn’t be mad at it.

How can I become an endangered tortoise?

“He’s a critically endangered elongated tortoise,” said Irwin.

“Critically endangered a bit like Sam Mac’s career at the moment.”

Ouch. Trust one of the Irwins to come through with an absolute zinger.

While Irwin was roasting Mac, Sam the Tortoise was chilling blissfully. Look at this king!!!!

My baby!!!!!!!!!

Just a few weeks ago, Sam Mac encountered a woman during a live cross in Caloundra holding a “Robert Irwin 4 Weatherman” sign that sparked this little ongoing feud.

“And just when you think that you’re welcome in a town, you notice this sign. Tara — that’s very, very generous of you to bring that this morning when I felt everyone loved me here,” he joked.

“Not only has he got the new girlfriend now, but he’s also hijacking my segments when he’s not even here.

“Do you want me to come back with a crocodile? Is that what you guys want?

“I’ll do it. (Australia Zoo) is just down the road.”

Honestly, Tara has a point. Robert Irwin for weatherman NOW!!

Kudos to Sunrise for keeping this joke alive by actually replacing Sam Mac with Robert Irwin. As long as we get more Robert on our screens I cannot complain.

But hey, if we’re gonna look to hire wildlife warriors when Sam Mac is away, can we maybe get Australia’s hottest man alive Mitchell Burns on our screens too?

I want to feel hot, bothered and alive during the weather segment, I don’t care if it’s going to rain tomorrow!