Sydney, Melbourne And Even Parts Of Queensland Are All Set To Be Fucking Cold This Week

It’s COLD. That’s the latest from meteorologists, not that we couldn’t already feel it.

A strong cold front is passing over the east coast, leaving everyone shivering in its wake.

Melbourne had its coldest start to winter in 80 years, with temperatures maxing out at just over 11 degrees on Monday. Today will only be a few degrees warmer, meteorologists said.

Meanwhile in Sydney, the temperature is set to drop as low as four degrees in the western suburbs today, and eight degrees in the city.

“It’s going to be a cold and wet second day of winter for the NSW coastline — much colder than the weather we were seeing yesterday,” Sky News Weather meteorologist Tom Saunders told

As the cold front moves north, Queensland is next in line for freezing weather.

“They come quite quickly and they usually warm up the temperatures ahead of them and when they pass, you do see that rapid drop in temperature,” Queensland forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology Peter Markworth told ABC News.

In some parts of the state, the temperature has already hit zero today. While Brisbane is set for average weather, the Gold Coast is set to have a low of just six degrees on Wednesday.

While the weather is expected to warm up slightly in the coming days, it’s unlikely temperatures will exceed 20 degrees in Sydney and Melbourne this week.

The good news from all this is that heaps of snow was dumped in the alpine regions, including Mt Buller, which is set to open later this month.

According to the forecasts, there’s more of where that came from.