Dear TikTok, Pls Do Not Try This Aus Senator’s Absolutely Cooked Cost Of Living Egg Hack

Want to know hard boiled egg time? This aussie senator reckons it's 7 minutes — if the egg is wrapped in foil and microwaved.

You could argue that anyone going into the cesspool that is Australian politics has a deathwish, but this senator took the sentiment to new heights when she recommended cooking hard boiled eggs by wrapping them in foil and then microwaving them. Respectfully, no.

Labor Senator for Tasmania Helen Polley uploaded a TikTok video onto the app on Wednesday which offered up an “egg hack” for those struggling in the cost of living crisis.

In the video, she tells the Youth™ of TikTok that eggs are one of her favourite things to eat, and then suggests a quick and easy way to eat them: by wrapping the egg in foil, putting it in a container of water where it is submerged, and then microwaving it for up to seven minutes.

I repeat: she told people to MICROWAVE a wad of FOIL.



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In case you aren’t aware, that is a recipe for disaster.

While most of you probably know (as can be seen in the horrified comments on that video), the electric fields in microwaves cause currents to flow through metal, and a thin metal like aluminium foil can be overwhelmed by currents and burn up, potentially sparking and then blowing up your damn microwave.

You’re probably thinking, how TF did Senator Polley survive this long using a hack that is so obviously dangerous? I mean, I once reheated a cup of tea in the microwave and it sparked because of the metal stapling the teabag together.

I do not have the answer to this question, but my guess is a combination of the water submerging the foil and luck.

What baffles me almost as much as the foil-in-microwave hack is that it also just seems more complicated than boiling your eggs because it requires you to wrap them up with foil, which also seems more expensive in the long run? What is the relevance to cost of living here?

Just pop them in a pot on the stove, babe, I promise it’s worth the extra minutes if it means your kitchen doesn’t catch on fire.

And to think, Polley has been microwaving foil in the Parliament kitchen, of all places… Imagine the consequences if that went wrong.