In a revelation that will surprise no one, Anna Faris has revealed that she had dirty, lusty thoughts about her co-star Chris Pratt while she was married to another man.

Her new book Unqualified contains some major truth bombs from the actress, who admits that in 2007 while working with Pratt on the film Take Me Home Tonight, she “desperately” wanted to “fuck” him, even though she was married to actor Ben Indra at the time.

In an excerpt from her forthcoming memoir published by the Daily Mail, Faris recalls being unhappy in her marriage and enjoying the VERY PLATONIC company of Pratt, who she insists she didn’t do anything suss with but admits: “We couldn’t deny that something was happening between us.”

Faris says she ended up having an epiphany while shooting the film and called up Indra to announce her desire to split.

But even on the phone I had to repeat myself a number of times before he took me at my word. “You’re just tired; you’re really tired,” he responded at first.

Once the deed was done, Faris got to work. And we don’t mean shooting the movie, mind you.

“[I] went to set and was like, “Hey, everybody! I just left my husband.” Pretty soon I was knocking on Chris’s door and was basically like, “Hi, I’m ready to get boned.”‘

Same, tbh.

Faris and Pratt, of course, got hitched in 2009 and had a cute AF kid named Jack in 2012. But the photogenic pair ruined the phrase “couple goals” forever when they announced their split earlier this year. Sniff.

Source: Daily Mail
Image: Getty Images / Tommaso Boddi