Ange Got Booted From ‘Big Brother’ (Again) & Fans Are Pissed (Again)

ange big brother eliminated

Big Brother Australia is really heating up this week, and unfortunately for our sass queen Angela, the game is officially over.

Thankfully, before being booted out of the house for good, Ange popped her camping cherry. An experience that she called “terrible.”

After roughing it outside after losing the balloon-popping challenge, the contestants battled it out in an elimination challenge that saw Sophie reign supreme.

Unfortunately, Ange, Kieran and Casey were up on the chopping block, with the game’s best player being eliminated for a second and final time.

This time, there’s no bunker to save her, much to the disappointment of fans.

Let’s appreciate this guy who predicted it before voting commenced.

In her final hours in the house she really put up a fight. We simply must admire the hustle.

She may not be the winner, but Ange is easily one of the best players in this season, and fans aren’t too keen to watch without her around to stir the pot.

Honestly, if we were still using the OG system, Ange would’ve made it to the end.

But unfortunately, the rules have changed and poor Ange can’t be saved anymore.

After throwing Casey under the bus for not “playing” the game, she promptly earned herself the most votes. Was it the smartest move? Probably not. But did it make for great television? Absolutely.

Some serious shade was thrown before tonight’s voting and hoo boy, we all feel like Chad right now.

Ultimately, Ange went home with a whopping 9 votes (including her girl Marissa). We hate to see it, but after tonight’s outburst towards Casey, it’s easy to see why she’s gone.

Fans had some pretty mixed reactions, with some fans thinking she rightfully deserved to be booted.

But the vast majority of fans reckon the show just won’t be as entertaining without her constant shit-stirring.

Long live the Big Brother queen.