Fan-Favourite Angela Was Saved By Big Brother Tonight & We’re All, Put Simply, Ecstatic

Well, tonight’s episode of Big Brother, to put it lightly, was a roller-coaster of emotions for us Angela fans, after she was nearly evicted from the house. (Full episode recap here.)

Angela Clancy (queen) has been a front-runner this entire competition – her challenge wins have made her one of the house’s biggest threats, and her no-fucks-given attitude has earned the love and respect of many.

But once it was confirmed that Ang was up for eviction, the writing was seemingly on the wall – she was about to be booted. Ang-stans immediately took to Twitter, threatening to throw hands, sue Big Brother themself and boycott the season altogether. (We’re very loyal to our tea-hugging queen.)

And their frustration was most-certainly justified – Angela, the fan favourite by a country mile, has truly carried the show. Her wit and determination, coupled with her many tears over a herbal beverage, immediately resonated with viewers at home. To delete Angela would be to drain a whole ocean of personality from the house… And who wants to watch a show with no personality?

Here’s a list of sad/angry tweets:

As it turned out, Big Brother’s twist saw Angela remain in the house – yes, there is a god.

She’ll now be staying in the ‘bunker’ – AKA Big Brother’s control room – for the next couple of days to plot revenge and make everyone’s lives a living hell. FUCK YES.

Here’s a list of happy/relieved tweets:

Now we bow our heads and pray to Tea Jesus for allowing Angela more screen time. Blessed be.

I had my cement block by the television and was about to hurl it through the screen, but I refrained… for now.

Don’t make me use the cement block, Big Brother.