Animal Lover Ian Got Booted Off ‘Big Brother’ Tonight & At Least Let Him Take The Damn Fish

ian big brother evicted

Big Brother Australia is back for another week and we’re kicking it off with some absolutely heartbreaking news.

Sweet, animal-loving Ian has been voted out in tonight’s eviction.

He was put up for elimination by Zoe (and Sarah, who had very little input) alongside Kieran and Marissa, presumably as a swing vote to force people to vote for Kieran.

But although we all love our adorable animal-lover, the rest of the house wasn’t so keen.

Big Brother’s little sister Angela basically orchestrated the whole thing from her secret bunker.

But unfortunately, Angela’s plan worked perfectly and poor, sweet Ian was swiftly booted out of the Big Brother house tonight, leaving fans devastated.

The least Big Brother could do is let him join Angela in the bunker.

Or give him the damn fish.

All of Australia right now.

Some people have decided this is grounds to boycott the rest of the season now that our wholesome prince is gone.

I mean, at least this gave us a bit of a shake up. We love to see Zoe’s plan crumble before her eyes. If you look carefully, you can pinpoint the *exact* moment her plan failed.

We simply live for the drama, but did they seriously have to take away the show’s most wholesome contestant? He just wanted to love his pets and hang out.

To quote Kourtney Kardashian, “rude.”