Dan & Matt’s Schoolyard Bullying On Tonight’s Ep Of ‘Big Brother’ Was A Step Too Far

dan matt bullying

It’s getting to the pointy end of the Big Brother Australia season and things are really starting to heat up.

In tonight’s episode, the housemates had the opportunity to win either a reward for themselves, or a punishment for another contestant.

As you’d expect, they all decided to gang up on Kieran, especially Dan.

At first, it was hilarious and a bit of payback for the fact that Kieran hadn’t been pulling his weight in the house. Just a bit of harmless fun, you know.


We’re all here for a bit of harmless banter, but Dan and Matt took it a little far when they dirtied literally every dish in the kitchen.

Sure, Kieran is young and immature, but Dan is acting like a child.

Nobody likes a bully, which seems to be a damn shame for Dan and Matt, who have just lost some fans.


We simply don’t care for this nastiness. Make it stop.

For two men who never stop complaining about a lack of food, they sure are happy to waste it.


The new show format unfortunately means we haven’t seen the bullying tactics backfire on contestants, but it sure is making viewers uncomfortable.