Following Big Brother’s Snooze Of An Episode, Punters Demand The Return Of Queen Angela

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Tonight’s Big Brother episode has left punters staring at screen, scratching their hands and wondering what in the damn hell that 90 minutes was about. For the TL;DR version, Big Brother stole all of the house’s furniture for fun (?), drained the pool (??) and chucked the eliminated Kieran in a ‘white room’ to test his sanity (???). What all of this is for, one has absolutely no idea. (For a full explainer, head on over to the official episode recap here.)

At this point, the boy’s club is infuriatingly palpable, and there’s about as much flavour in this house as hot dog sauce.

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that the ‘white room’ isn’t a new addition to the season by any means…

As always, Twitter’s been the portal of truth… and it’s well and truly spoken.

While 50% of the tweets expressed regret at choosing to watch Big Brother over MasterChef (you have to laugh, really)…

…the majority of the tweets unsurprisingly yearned for the return of Angela – the one good thing to come from this season – and her blessed tea. With that in mind, the rest of this yarn is dedicated to Angie, for creating supreme, watchable telly.

We bow to Ang, a true national treasure.

If you’ve manage to hang around this far into the season, I commend your persistence. The finish line is in sight, folks. We got this.