Sweet Angel Ian’s Spider Died On ‘Big Brother’ & Now We Must Protect Him At All Costs

big brother ian

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother Australia kicked off with some truly heartbreaking news. Sweet angel Ian was informed that his pet spider Patricia unfortunately passed away while he was in the house.

Seriously, how dare they start the episode with such heartbreaking news?!

Just last night, Ian discussed how much he was truly missing his pets, opening up to Angela about how much he loves all sorts of animals.


But tonight he was called to the Diary Room to receive the heartbreaking news that his pet huntsman Patricia unfortunately passed away.

Like Ian, the internet’s hearts collectively broke when we heard the news.

Seriously, just let Ian win. The season can finish here, give him the prize money and a reality TV series with his abundance of pets.


Seriously, we must protect him at all costs.



All of Australia right now:

But on a slightly less heartbreaking note, Australia has realised that the new Big Brother is a sweet angel who truly seems to care about the contestants.