A Marriage Proposal Put In ‘Spider-Man’ Becomes Gaming’s Biggest Bummer

Before the release of Marvel‘s Spider-Man, a fan of the superhero decided it was time to propose to his girlfriend, and what better way to that than to have the developer, Insomniac Games, include it as an easter egg in the title? Welp, that’s exactly what happened.

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As reported by Kotaku, a gamer named Tyler Schultz tweeted Insomniac with the request back in May, saying he wanted to pop the question in “a big way”.


Luckily for Tyler, the folks at Insomniac were into the idea, responding to the tweet and continuing the conversation via DM to work out the details.

Sure enough, the message made it into the game which was released on Friday. On a theatre marquee in the financial district of the game, Maddie, will you marry me?” is displayed for everyone to see. Isn’t love great?

Well, sometimes. Unfortunately, things didn’t really work out this time. Maddie broke up with Tyler a few weeks before Spider-Man was released. Ouch. Old mate posted a video to YouTube explaining what happened, but he has since removed it.

While he said in the video that he was dumped for his brother, Maddie actually contacted Kotaku to clarify that the relationship with Tyler’s brother started after they broke up. Either way, that’s gotta suck, man.

Given the situation, Insomniac art director, Jacinda Chew, tweeted Tyler to ask if he’d like the sign changed to something else and whether he had any suggestions for what that might be.


At first, he said he didn’t want the sign changed, but then decided he would like the proposal changed to his grandmother’s name, who was partly responsible for his love of Spider-Man and sadly passed away, he told Kotaku. We don’t know for sure if Insomniac has agreed, but I’d say there’s a good chance they did, so expect to see it change when the next patch is released.

It’s a bummer things didn’t work out for Tyler, but hey, sometimes life is like that. Kudos to Insomniac for being awesome about it.

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