You Know What Doesn’t Suck? Dyson’s ’Yuge Sale Where You Can Score Up To $550 Off Sucky Bois

dyson afterpay
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If you asked us how to describe a Dyson vacuum cleaner in a single expression, it would be *chef’s kiss*. That’s right. These sucky bois have all the sucking power you need if you wanna yeet those dust bunnies into oblivion. So, if you’ve been hankering for one of these bad boys for a while, then you’re in luck because old mate Afterpay Day is back for it’s second and final round in 2023.

Sadly for us (and our wallets), Dyson is notorious for not being cheap. But if you wanna pass for a semi-functioning adult, then you might as well act the part by getting all jazzed about a vacuum cleaner. (I know, it’s a sad life.)

During Afterpay Day, Dyson’s slinging up to $550 off the Gen5detect Absolute, $402 off the V12 Detect Slim Complete, and $300 off the Cyclone V10 — to name a few of the sweet, sweet deals.

But if you’re more interested in primping and preening with one of their must-have hair products, then you’ll be stoked to hear that you can score a couple of bonus gifts if you buy the Corrale hair straightener or the Supersonic hair dryer, OR the Airwrap. Um hello? Bargain.

Keep reading for all of the Dyson Afterpay Day sales you need to know about.

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What the bloody hell is Afterpay Day?

Afterpay Day is a glorious shopping event that happens twice a year and gives shoppers the chance to snap up a killer bargain from thousands of Aussie retailers and brands. Last year, we caught wind of a bunch of vacuum cleaner and air purifier deals, and it’s safe to say we cleaned them all out.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Afterpay is a godsend if you want something but can’t afford it right now. It’s basically a repayment plan that allows you to pay back your purchases in four instalments over six weeks — interest-free (love that for us). If you ask us, that’s amazing if you need a new pair of shoes and you’re between paychecks.

When is Afterpay Day 2023?

This year, Afterpay Day starts Thursday, August 17 and will end on Sunday, August 20.

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