Weezer Dropped A Surprise Toto Cover Just To Hang Shit On One Specific Fan

Every band gets trolled on the internet. But it takes some sort of band to troll them all back even harder. To wit: Weezer.

At some point last year, a 14-year-old fan from the Cleveland-area identified only as “Mary,” set up a Twitter account with one express purpose: Hounding Weezer with Tweets until they covered Toto‘s seminal 1982 hit ‘Africa‘.

The efforts put forth by the account were admirable, pointed, and above all else, hilarious:

And so on, and so forth.

Eventually, the campaign began gathering momentum. In December, founding Toto member David Paich noticed it, and got fully on board via Facebook.

Then in February, the campaign gathered further steam after Noisey gave it air time and brought the whole shebang to the attention of Weezer themselves.

Fast forward to today, and Weezer finally heeded the call of the great internet wild by releasing an actual, no-fooling, very, legitimately real Toto cover.

Just… y’know… not of ‘Africa.’

That’s right, the group managed to pull one over on the Weezer Cover Africa By Toto movement by instead covering Toto’s other great hit ‘Rosanna‘. The superior Toto song, if you ask this guy.

What’s more, the song kinda, sorta, totally rules? It rules in a way that it has absolutely no right to.

Seriously, good luck getting this out of your head for the rest of the day.

Fucken christ that’s a jam. And a hell of a play too.

The deftness of the returned serve hasn’t been lost on anyone, least of all the OG instigator.

It might not be Africa just yet, but hachie machie is it a good day for a hot jam regardless.